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Your Source for Exceptional Semi-Precious Stones

At Bushmanland Minerals, we’ve been at the forefront of the semi-precious stone industry since 1982.

Our passion for sourcing, purchasing, marketing, and exporting raw, bulk, semi-precious stones globally has led us to become a trusted name in the field.

We take pride in offering a diverse range of stones that can elevate your projects, whether you’re landscaping, building, creating art, or crafting exquisite jewelry.


Over the last four decades, we have been dedicated to the exploration, extraction, and distribution of semi-precious stones. From our humble beginnings, we’ve grown into a global player in the semi-precious stone industry.

Why we are different

At Bushmanland Minerals, our vision is to transform nature’s hidden gems into works of art and functionality.

We believe in harnessing the inherent beauty of semi-precious stones to enrich your life, whether through stunning landscaping, captivating sculptures, exquisite jewellery, or versatile construction materials. We are continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity and sustainability.

Our Mission: To be the global leader in sourcing, supplying, and promoting the use of semi-precious stones, enhancing lives and environments through their exceptional beauty and versatility.

Our Vision: Elevating Nature’s Treasures to Artistry


A Legacy of Excellence Since 1982

Bushmanland Minerals, or BMCC, has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1982. Our journey began with a commitment to quality, ethics, and sustainability, values that continue to define us today. From our humble beginnings, we’ve grown into a global player in the semi-precious stone industry.


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From Our Clients

What Our Valued Clients Say

“Bushmanland Minerals has been our trusted source for premium semi-precious stones for years. Their commitment to quality and ethical sourcing aligns perfectly with our values.”

John D.

Landscaping Enthusiast

“The stones we received from BMCC transformed our garden into a paradise. Their vast selection and exceptional service made all the difference.”

Sarah L.


“I’m a sculptor, and I’ve never worked with stones of such quality. BMCC’s products have taken my art to a whole new level.”

Michael R.


“As a rare stone and crystal aficionado, I have found some of the most incredible specimens at BMCC’s showroom. My annual visits cant come soon enough!”


Specimen Collector


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